What is Podcasting And Where Do I Start?


What is Podcasting And Where Do I Start?

In recent years Podcasting has taken the Internet and the world by storm. It is the natural progression from terrestrial radio to digital, on-demand broadcasts, similar to how cable TV has largely been replaced by on-demand streaming services. Recent research shows that nearly 25% of Americans over the age of 12 listen to podcasts on a monthly basis, and listenership has grown steadily by 15% annually. So why should you have a podcast? And how would you even get started?

Why Should I Start A Podcast?

There’s a number of personal and professional reasons to start a podcast. Podcasting allows you to have a creative outlet, target a certain audience, grow your brand, and network with other professionals and content creators. For me, I love movies. I watch them all the time, I read film articles, discuss films with others, seek out special screenings, etc. Starting a film podcast was a perfect way for me to focus my love of film into a weekly show that’s fun, informative, and has business potential. If you’re a business owner, a podcast is a great way to build an audience for your products or services, network with other professionals, and become a trusted expert in your field.

Starting A Podcast Sounds Difficult

Part of the reason podcasting has become so popular is that it’s easy to do and requires minimal upfront investment. In the past, having a radio show meant going to a studio and buying airtime, hoping someone might be listening. Now, all you have to do is record your episode, upload it, and connect it to iTunes. Now everyone who owns an iPhone is a potential listener. (Android equivalents are available also.)

What Do I Talk About?

The beauty of podcasting is that the topic and format are completely up to you; it can be as broad or as specific as you want. You could discuss local or national politics, the filmography of a single actor/director, review products and services, or interview local/national guests. The sky’s the limit, but your topic must be unique and something you’re passionate about.

What’s The Business Potential?

Podcasting is a good way to discuss your products, services, and industry to a targeted audience, but  you can also monetize the show itself through sponsorship and advertising. Depending on the size of your audience, sponsors generally pay around $30 per 1000 listeners.  You can also network effectively by inviting industry guests onto your show to discuss various topics, most people will be flattered by the invite!

I’m Interested! Where Do I Start!

Once you’ve decided on a unique topic you’ll need to do some planning. First, decide on your show’s format. Will your show be a half-hour or an hour, will it have breaks or be through recorded, is there a co-host, will you have guests, what order will you discuss your talking points? There’s a number of decisions to be made, but nothing a little pencil, paper, and planning can’t solve. Remember that your show doesn’t have to be perfect from the start, it will improve as you record new episodes. You’ll also need is a show logo, iTunes and other distributors will not host your show without one. Finally, before launch create a backlog of episodes. It’s recommended that you have at least 3 episodes recorded and ready on launch.

Podcasting is on the rise and its potential is only beginning to be tapped. Like TV streaming services, the on-demand nature of podcasting is only fueling its growth. So if you have a topic you’d love to discuss or think your business might benefit from joining digital broadcasting, podcasting might be right for you!

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