Dallas Got It Right! Dallas in Pictures

Dallas Got It Right! Dallas in Pictures

As time has shown, most photos have gone digital, but there is something so satisfying about holding a beautiful picture in your hand, and the book, Dallas Got It Right!, encompasses both the past and the present in pictorial bliss.

“This book is called Dallas Got It Right!, but it’s all about these towns and counties that make up Dallas in a sense,” said Laurie Wyly as she pointed to a page that pictures the Iconic Southfork Ranch, where the TV show ‘Dallas’ was filmed. “I think this one page really encapsulates the spirit of the book because you think about the show Dallas that JR was on, and people all over the world know Dallas because of the TV show, and yet South fork was in Parker, not Dallas.”

Dallas Got It Right! is filled with a variety of well and lesser-known treasures.

“My favorite part of the book is the information about Normal Warlock,” said Andrew Wyly, son of Sam Wyly.“…He’s a personal hero of mine. He developed new strains of wheat that, according to what the Nobel Prize people said, saved billions of lives, or prevented a billion deaths from hunger….he ended up at Texas A&M and I think that’s fantastic.”

Dallas is full of history, and the Wylys remember some of the most iconic events.

“When President Kennedy was shot in Dallas, I was watching from the third story of the Neiman and Marcus building,” recalled businessman, author, and Dallas resident Sam Wyly, flipping  through the book and landing on a picture of the former first lady, Jackie Kennedy. “…This picture is Jackie coming out of the Texas Hotel in Fort Worth with her husband the president behind [her]… everybody who was four years old or more at the time remembers the day that President Kennedy was shot.”

Dallas Got It Right! is seen through the eyes of Sam Wyly, but all six of his children were involved in some way. Laurie Matthews, one of the siblings and co-authors, credits the success of the book to how well the family can work together. “Dad was a fountain of ideas, and Andrew would try to capture them all and then we figure out how to organize it and then finding the images to represent the ideas was a lot of fun.”

“This is basically like a family album or scrapbook to the city and region of Dallas,” Andrew added. “t tells you a lot about the values of Dallas, what is fun about Dallas, what do people like to do, what do we like to do.”

Whether you are new to Dallas or a long-time resident, each page drips with rich history.

“Dad’s number one theme is that this is about education,” Laurie said. “He cares a lot about education, so really, this is his gift to Dallas and the surrounding areas.” It’s the gift that keeps giving.

“I care about America, and Dallas is deep in the heart of America […] I love this stuff,” said Sam. “When I was the 16-year-old kid, I’m probably the only kid in highschool who would hitchhike all the way across the state to go to a weekend seminar at N. Louisiana at the State of College of History.”  

Truth and history were the cornerstone of Sam’s upbringing in Delhi, Louisiana.

“We ran the weekly newspaper called the Delhi Dispatch, and we had a Monday deadline,” Sam said. “We had to publish the paper, get it in the mailboxes, get it out to the farmers on time.”

Even though Sam is working on a different kind of paper, he always goes back to the preservation of those photos. When asked why pictures hold a special place in his heart, Sam explained, “Because of my Mama. I showed you we did the newspaper, and she was the photographer, so she would be taking the picture. This is before TV, we loved LIFE magazine because it was a picture magazine.”

Get your copy of Dallas Got It Right! on May 1st.

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