Buckets And Bows

Buckets And Bows

It’s one of those age old riddles, when it’s done, it’s really just beginning, it’s quite the vicious cycle. Most don’t like to see a pile of unfolded clothing piling high, but one group of ladies in Lewisville are willing to take that job off your hands!


“We just rolled out a new service for our customers called Laundry and Light Cleaning,” says Buckets and Bows CEO, Debbie Sardone. “Basically, our service will come in and do your laundry and touch up the house while we’re there; we are disrupting the industry. So many other cleaning services are in a big hurry when they arrive a the door to clean your home. They get in, they get out in about an hour, hour and a half. They just don’t have the time; there isn’t another professional service in town that offers Laundry and Light Cleaning as a service.


She says after hard working families get home for the day, they usually want to throw in the towel, not fold a pile of clothing! They’d rather see a neat folded pile and believe it or not, there is a right way to fold.


“We want to teach everybody how to fold neatly, how to clean the clothes properly, how to hang up a shirt correctly, and really do the absolute best job for our customers,” says Sardone. She says at the end of the day it’s all about helping people lighten their load. “I’m always thinking of ways to help others, to be a better service, to provide more for others. That means stepping outside of my comfort zone and trying new things.”


To find out more visit bucketsandbows.com.
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