Looking at the Big Picture of Health with Dr. Johnson

Looking at the Big Picture of Health with Dr. Johnson

Many of us grow up to follow in our parents’ footsteps in one way or another; Dr. Alfred Johnson is no different. Dr. Johnson said that both of his parents were physicians, so he didn’t know what else to do until he discovered wholistic environmental medicine. “I would go to some medical conventions with them and ran into a  physician that did environmental medicine,” recalls Dr. Johnson, “And that’s where we look at how the environment affects individuals.”

Dr. Johnson has dedicated his life to finding out if environmental agents–pollen, mold, foods, chemicals, and toxins–are the roots of illness. Since 40% of the population is predisposed to allergies of some sort, Dr. Johnson believes that it is essential to know the causes and effects, and not automatically resort to giving someone the latest pill.

His daughter, Mallory Johnson, adds,”How he doctors is a little bit different. I know he genuinely cares about every person that walks through the door.” Mallory recently came on full-time after being around the practice her whole life. She says, “He does look at things in a holistic way from what you’re exposed to every day to what you eat, and all of these things can affect how you live… it’s nice to know that you’re working for someone who’s upright and wanting to do what’s best for his patients and his staff.”

Dr. Johnson really does take a step back and use different approach to his patients.  “I like to look at the big picture,” says Dr. Johnson, “It’s fun. It’s really interesting to go through the mystery and come up with solutions. That’s our purpose is to help people.” Whether you are sick or healthy, young or old, Dr. Johnson has some advice for everyone: “In your daily life and daily activities, pay attention to what you’re doing and the potential effects of situation or environment or what you’re doing may have on you.”

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