Say “Howdy!” to Howdy Homemade Ice Cream

Say “Howdy!” to Howdy Homemade Ice Cream

Even in the dead of winter, someone at Howdy Homemade always greets you with warmth.

“We always say one word, we always say ‘Howdy!” remarks vice president, Coleman Jones. Coleman believes that heartfelt greeting has been the foundation of the shop since its humble beginnings, over three years ago. “It been really nice being apart of it being an influence on myself and the rest of our employees,” says Coleman as he scoops my strawberry ice cream into the cone. Coleman has a built-in customer service secret weapon, which most people refer to as down syndrome. “It’s been really nice working for a guy like Tom because you can say, ‘Hey, he’s a great guy!”

Of course, Coleman is referring to Tom Landis, owner of Texadelphia and Howdy Homemade. “We started working with people with special needs at some of my other restaurants and decided that the restaurant industry has lost focus and it isn’t about food first, it’s about people first,” says Tom. He is accomplishing that goal by hiring 14 special needs employees out of his staff of 16, with zero turnovers, which is a huge industry problem.

Tom is a champion for people with special abilities. “I see it as an abled being,” says Coleman, ” I don’t see it as being disabled. We are not disabled; I want that to be understood.” Whether it’s passing out taste testers, sprinkling on a little extra joy, or jumping behind the cash register, Tom entrusts them to do it all.

“Every parent of a special needs is concerned where is my child going to fit in with society? Where are they going to find work?” Explains Tom. If Tom has his way, those parents never need to wonder. If you find yourself craving a sprinkle of sugary sweetness, come by the Howdy Homemade. Oh! And the ice cream is good too.

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