The Dallas Bridal Show: Falling In Love, One Dress At A Time

The Dallas Bridal Show: Falling In Love, One Dress At A Time

The 2018 Dallas Bridal Show is just a week away, and Dallas Market Hall is expected to be flooded with curious brides on a quest to craft a dream wedding that reflects their style, taste, hopes, and dreams. One of the highlights is the runway show, and this year, the producer of the show, who is also a designer, is urging brides to be uniquely themselves on that dream day.

We’ve all had days in the past, when we would look in our closet and feel like we had nothing to wear. Texas-native Designer and Entrepreneur Ruby Bhandari was no different. She discovered that her community had a massive craving for unique Indian Ethnic Wear, but nothing could be found. So, Ruby took matters into her own hands.

“So people in the United States had nowhere to go, so my mom and I just created our own,” recalled Ruby. “Before I knew it, by the time I had reached college, I was making them for my friends, and I was selling them as if there was nobody else selling them, and there wasn’t!”

Five years later, Silk Thread, Inc., was born. “I realized mainstream America loves embroidery; they love the color; they love to see beautiful prints; and I brought it into the mainstream market in 2005,” beams Ruby. “We want to show brides different kinds of bridal gowns from traditional to destination to, of course, Silk Threads World Couture,” says Ruby. “We want to give them many options. This is 2018, and a bride can wear almost anything and look beautiful and be different […] the reason that we are in this business is that this is what we live for. This is the satisfaction that we get in our life by putting a smile on someone’s face.”

A smile like Ruby wore on her wedding day. “My wedding day was in New Deli India. I walked in, and there were rose petals, and it was really beautiful.” Like all brides, her most significant decision, second only to accepting the proposal, was the dress.

“It was the one, and the only time I was going to allow anybody to put anything on my body, so I told my mother-in-law that whatever she chose that she wanted to see me in, I would wear.” Ruby laughed, “Thank God she had great taste […] It was exciting. I was nervous, but the minute I got to see Raj walk in, it was that whole comfort. He’s like a blanket for me; it was really wonderful.”

When asked about how to put a nervous bride at ease, Ruby flashes a grin, “Well, you’re going to be nervous! Enjoy it!”

You can discover her designs at Ruby’s new store in Carrollton, TX, or on the catwalk at the Dallas Bridal Show. Who knows? You may fall in love all over again.

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