Great One Cookie: The One-Stop Cookie Shop

When you think of a cookie, a couple of words that come to mind might be sugar, sweets or ‘yes, please.’ Great One Cookie Company is changing the game and wants people to also start thinking the phrase, “healthy protein snack.”

“The protein cookie is the brand new cookie we’re launching this week, and it has 12 grams of protein, 6 grams of fiber, and it’s around 250 calories, healthy fats from chia seeds and probiotics, and then it also tastes good too.” Owner Christina Strudwick says the gluten-free cookie has more of a brownie texture, and there are entirely no refined sugars.

For Christina, it’s much more than mixing ingredients; it’s mixing her passions.

“I’m trying to pair my cookie shop experience with my background in nutrition to come up with something that people can enjoy, while not feeling guilty about what they’re eating as well.”

That is the idea behind their whole Nourishing Nibble cookie line.

“We have the lactation cookie, which helps moms produce breast milk when they’re feeding their newborns, and then the second one is this protein cookie.”

But she isn’t stopping there. “We want to add the Get Well cookie that you would be sending to somebody that maybe had been sick, something that’s high in antioxidants, and then also a hangover cookie, something that helps people get past the horrible phases of a hangover and helps with hydrating, healthy fats, protein.”

So, whether you’re coming in for a treat or looking for something a little more healthy, Great One Cookie is a one-stop shop with options for all.

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