Pamela Gail Johnson Invites all to Enjoy Happiness Happens Month

Sometimes happiness is hard to describe, but when you see it, you know it.

“Happiness again is going to change and evolve as your day changes and evolves and as our lifestyle changes and evolves,” says Chief Happiness Officer, Pamela Gail Johnson. She used to work in the self help field when she noticed surveys they were giving people had more negative adjectives than positive ones.  “Basically, like I said, I was wondering where are all the happy people, so for kicks I was like, I bet they have their own club and don’t tell anybody about it.”

So with the intention of writing a funny essay, she created the Secret Society of Happy People.

“The main purpose of the society is to encourage people just to talk more about happiness when they happen to be happy And 20 years later we’re still here!” She says.

According to Johnson, the free membership society might just be the worst kept secret.

“We created the first admit your happy, that was August 8th,” says Johnson, “that was actually the day we got in the mail our first membership from one of my non family and friend members, and so I thought how do we make it official and the only thing I could think of was let send for proclamations for the governors.”

So multiple state proclamations later and a recognition for August as Happiness Happens month in the AP Calendar, Johnson says in 20 years she just keeps learning more about what it actually means to be happy.

“If you want more happiness in your life, the easiest way is to broaden your definition of it and thats why we did create the 31 types of happiness,” says Johnson. “Think of how you view happiness and see if you can view it in a slightly different way and you’ll probably discover you have more happiness than you think you do.”

She invites other to be happy with her by sharing two other important pieces of advice:

“With social media and all types of social media or even the news or wherever you get your information about how other people live, you need to not compare yourself to that because that’s just a slice of their day, it’s just a moment in time […] The most important is to some degree what is our response when something unhappy happens, does that make us bitter or better. When unhappiness happens our future happiness is somewhat in proportion to how we responsd to that unhappy moment.”

So while all moments may not be happy, the goal is to appreciate and recognize the good ones that put a smile on your face. That’s exactly what she’s doing on her Happiness Unites Tour which kicked off last summer. Her goal is to hit 100 events or activities across the country to spread her message and raise awareness of the different types of happiness you might experience. So far she’s at 30 and invites everyone to join her for the events in August celebrating Happiness Happens Month.

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