DFW Attorney Gives a Perspective on Family Law

Social media seems to be changing everything these days, when it comes to making money, how we get our news, and even for family matters in the courtroom.

“Trying to keep up with social media in and of itself is very difficult,” says Owner and Managing Partner of Verner Brumley Mueller Parker, Jim Mueller, “it is so prevalent now, that is an element that has really hits the forefront of divorce.”

Mueller says he’s seen a lot of changes int he 11 years since he was board certified and decided to specialize in family law.

“Everybody it seems like is posting a minute by minute update of their lives which can be good or it can be really bad,” says Mueller. “As lawyers and particularly family law lawyers we use that all the time.”

Another change – his passion for his job.

“I spent years as a commercial litigator mostly pushing papers not actually meeting clients face to face,” says Mueller. “I found myself not actually caring as much as I do now and truly when you have somebody sitting across from you or sitting next tot you when you’re in the middle of court, there’s a person that’s attached to every single case. There’s real life feelings and emotions.”

Mueller who’s been married for 10 years and has two little ones, says he’s always upfront with his clients and not in the business of promoting divorce.

“When people find themselves in a situation of they’re going to go through a divorce or they want to go through a divorce or they find themselves in a custody battle I wanna be there to help them through that,” says Mueller. “Filing for divorce doesn’t mean you even have to go through it. You want to make sure that at the end of the day you’ve done everything that you can so that when you look in the mirror, you say I gave it every last shot […] finding that right lawyer that’s actually going to help you and help the family and not destroy the family and not looking just to simply line their pockets, that’s key.”

Mueller says one of the most important points he wants to make is he doesn’t want people to feel alone through the process. He works with other professionals so even after his services are technically done, there’s someone to guide you.

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