Service Software CEO Trying to Fight the Opioid Epidemic a New Way

You see it all over the news, the opioid crisis has come, but not gone. Well, one service software CEO is trying to change that.

“We came up with an educational vehicle to close the gap on the opioid crisis so we enable prevention,” says ProveIt! CEO John Cruz. “We help the patient understand where they’re learning gaps are.”

Cruz says he’s joined the fight to remove the likelihood for accidental over doses in pain patients by creating a cloud software that tests the knowledge of the test taker when it comes to opioids.

“It’s meant to dovetail seamlessly right into any number of experiences for instance one is your physician experience, but it can also facilitate and go right into a training component from HR and big business.”

Cruz says the passion for this project is personal.

“I’m a pain patient. I got injured in the Iraq war, I got hit by a bomb and ever since my life went on a different trajectory. I live with pain every day. I’ve been on these pills for a majority of the time since. I’ve tried all of the I’ll alternative it of therapies […] Unfortunately in my case like many Americans nothing really works so I’m taking these pills every day but I’m also seeing in the news every day people dying from it.”

While the governmental policies may be intended to help those struggling, Cruz says it’s just not enough.

“The most recent one is: let’s lower the prescribing rate let’s prescribe less opioids and that surely will save lives. Well we’re seeing the inverse. The prescribing rates are down, the opioids per patient are down, but the death rate is skyrocketing.”

He says a big part of bringing that number down is not giving the patient new costs and instead having the physician or company pay the cost. He says this is so that ProveIt! can re-invest and get the word out to more people faster. He says that’s why they’re a for profit company, they want to reach their true goal.

“One of our core values for instance is altruism so whenever were making a decision on hiring, whenever we’re making a decision on who are partnering with mother to physician group etc. we put it to the litmus test on to receive the same core values, are we ensuring that this person Is holding themselves to a legal and ethical standard. One of the things that we believe is that we should have a love and an openness for every single human being on the planet. There’s no person that we can’t reach and help, and a big part of that is our faith.”

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