Eat Dark Chocolate for the Health Benefits!

Many of us like to think that having one glass of wine or one piece of candy isn’t that bad for us health wise, and in fact, according to a recent study published by The American Medical Association we may be onto something.

The subject of this study is dark chocolate and the potential benefits dark chocolate can provide. Plano optometrist, Dr. Albert Pang says that participants who did an eye exam after being given dark chocolate had better eye sight than before eating dark chocolate.

Dr. Pang explains this phenomena as “The vision is actually better than before they take the dark chocolate…they find out that dark chocolate has a component, has a chemical called polyphenol flavanols and that actually increases the blood flow both inside the eye as well as in the brain…the polyphenol flavanols is antioxidant”.

According to Dr. Pang more research needs to be done to take a closer look at the actual chemical. There is a thought that with increased consumption of dark chocolate people suffering from macular problems can improve their vision with the increased blood flow due to the dark chocolate as it will increase function of the metabolic area like the macular.

So the moral of the story is that there is no need for any “…guilt feeling(s) about taking any dark chocolate anymore!…I provide all of my patients with dark chocolate before the examination and after the examination” according to Dr. Pang.

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