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Founded in 2015, the RNCN is home to a variety of podcasts ranging from business, entertainment, non-profit, and variety shows. Have an idea for a show? Feel free to contact us or stop by our studio for a consultation. We’ll walk you through the podcasting process, and outline steps for branding, imaging, recording, scheduling, and advertising.


Josh Hart

Digital Broadcasting

Josh has been a part of the Dallas/Fort Worth radio industry for over a decade. While completing his undergraduate degree at Southern Nazarene University, Josh got his start at iHeartRadio (then known as Clear Channel Radio) as an intern in promotions. Upon graduating college, he transferred to the Dallas radio scene. His outgoing personality, “can-do” attitude, and creative drive soon landed him an on-air position as part of a morning show for 102.9 KDMX-FM. During his time at iHeartRadio (over thirteen years), Josh honed his talents on the mic and in production as part of a variety of morning shows.


Outside of radio, Josh also pursued his passion and interest in business management systems and corporate culture by completing a Master’s Degree in Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management at Southern Methodist University.


In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and young son, as well as their three dogs. He is a beer and whiskey connoisseur, seasoned traveler, lover of the arts, and avid fan of FC Dallas, Arsenal FC, and (of course) the Dallas Cowboys.


Zach Lewis

Digital Broadcasting

Zach is the quintessential millennial. An avid consumer of all things media, his penchant for creativity and entertainment drew him towards producing his own content on iTunes and YouTube at a young age before picking up a shift at the University of North Texas radio station (where he garnered a bachelor’s degree in Radio, Television, and Film). Soon after, he began a starting position at the iHeartRadio Dallas cluster, where he worked as a morning drive board operator under people like–believe it or not–Josh Hart. Despite his terrestrial livelihood, he continued podcasting in a freelance capacity and cut his teeth on voicing and producing ads for a handful of local stations.


Zach joined the Real News team in 2016, helping to develop the podcasts that would eventually become the Real News Communications Network. Today, he holds up the video arm of the network, and is primarily responsible for producing nearly all video content as well as co-hosting and directly producing a handful of shows. He also enjoys the creative process, exploring new ideas and concepts to develop a show from a simple idea to a finely-tuned product.


When he’s not at the office, Zach still enjoys producing his own content through his weekly film podcast “Off Script Film Review.” He’s an avid gamer and amateur IT enthusiast, and can often be found either tinkering with an old computer or childishly shouting at his television. He can be found errantly tweeting about film, video games, and politics at @applezachintosh.


Matt Stoker

Digital Broadcasting

You might say that Matt has been preparing his whole life to make podcasts at Real News Communications Network. As early as the age of four, Matt was using a cassette recorder to produce the many varied adventures of the thrilling detective “Matt, P.I.” He spent many family road trips listening to recordings of radio shows from the 1930’s and 40’s, further building his love for the medium. 30+ years later and with the invention of podcasting, he’s able to continue putting the spoken word to tape.

After managing WRGW, the radio station for The George Washington University, Matt returned to North Texas and soon began work at the Dallas-based heritage radio station KLIF. He worked his way through nearly every department, starting in promotions and transitioning to production, board operating, anchoring, and finally a producing of an afternoon drive-time talk show. He also hosted or co-hosted a number of podcasts during that time, with topics ranging from comedy to pop culture to professional wrestling.

Matt has brought his love for radio and his knowledge of what makes a podcast succeed (and fail) to RNCN after spending more than 11 years at KLIF. Outside of work, he is very much a fan of the art form, listening to podcasts while commuting or working around the house. He produces his own show called “OK Talk” with a long-time friend from radio. Otherwise, you’ll find him playing video games or out with his wife and pets driving the hidden backroads of North Texas.

Sarah Strackhouse

Sarah Strackhouse

Social Media Reporter

Sarah Strackhouse went to Lehigh University to play D1 soccer but quickly caught the news bug when she started an internship for NY1 News in New York City her junior year. Upon graduation, she did graphic design for Fox Business and was a photojournalist for NY1 News for about a year and a half.

Next on the map was West Texas for a reporting job where she gained experience live in the field with a focus on Oil & Gas. Three years later, she became a morning anchor in Sherman-Denison when her husband was relocated to Dallas. After a year there, she joined the CW33 team as a reporter back in the field.

At the end of 2017, Real News PR reached out with an opportunity she couldn’t pass up! She’s now the Social Media Reporter & Correspondent for RNCN, still putting together news style stories and going live with experts depending on the local and national news of the day. Join her and the RNCN team for Real News Monday Morning and Flashback Friday for an overview of what you need to know that week.

In her free time, Sarah enjoys doing graphic art, photography, reading, and eating cheese! She loves being outdoors, playing sports and doing MMA. Sarah lives with her husband and their two fur babies, a lab/pointer mix named Chubbs and a Bernese Mountain Dog named King. She can’t walk down the street without stopping to pet a dog and has a passion for trying new recipes in the kitchen.

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